Shop News: Synergy Collection Bestseller

Well, it has been a while since the first creations called ‘Synergy’ hit the shop’s front window. To remind, the concept of Synergy is coalescence of two or more metals. To join their colors, shines and strengths, to bind them all together, craving for perfection that cannot be achieved individually. There has been a lots of inspiration and more models followed – and they still keep coming. But one of them almost immediately stood out and became a true bestseller.

It is a set, actually, a bracelet and a necklace made of three really thin wires of raw brass, raw copper and silver tone by an ancient technique of Viking knitting. The wires are so thin that you can see three different colors only when you approach really close. From a normal distance it gives an impression of a remarkable tube chain filigree work with colorful and vivid reflections.

Of course, the possibility to buy both for a special price instead separately for regular certainly contributed its popularity.





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