Outfit Wednesday: Summer tones

Summer tones


This is an idea for an everyday summer outfit, when you are meeting a friend for a drink, lunch or shopping on a hot summer day. Safari tones fit everyone, regardless hair or skin color, so you cannot go wrong with that. Spice it up with some copper or bronze sparkles on your lips, nails or around your neck. Keep your heels low and shoes comfortable, keep your sunglasses close, because it’s summertime and living should be easy…


Outfit Wednesday: Beach, here I come!

It’s summertime and living is easy…

Here is an idea of a beach style with vivid colors for striking appearance. Even if it’s not your usual color pallette, try it out, be bold, be brave, there is nothing you can do wrong when the sun is high and the waves are playing their beautiful song…

Beach, here I come!

Sarong cover up
$17 – amazon.co.uk

Patagonia swim suit

Patagonia tankini top

Buji Baja black tote

Beach hat

Quay cateye sunglasses
$80 – beginningboutique.com.au

Sequin hair accessory

Hair accessory

Sunday Clickin’


Sunday feels like a good day to check out few links while holding onto your morning coffee.

What caught my attention last week:

  1. 50 front covers of Brazilian and 12 German newspapers following their unbelievable match of the World Cup. Notice the difference between passionate Latinos and restrained Germans.
  2. On Thursday, July 10th, we were celebrating 158th birthday of my countryman Nikola Tesla, a genius scientist and inventor who shaped the world we live in today. Check out this Epic Rap Battle in History to honour him:
  3. Denim shorts is a must-have this summer, but don’t make it an uniform only because it’s a trend. Here are 4 ways to embelish your shorts and make it unique.
    (M&J Blog)
  4. Guys, please, you simple HAVE to know how to tie a tie!
    (The Art of Manliness)
  5. I just love flats, you? Here is a selection of 25 summer flats recommended by Elle.


Enjoy your Sunday!

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