Sunday Clickin’

Sunday Clickin'

Another lazy Sunday to click some links:

  1. Starting with serious stuff… I ran into this insightful video about depression. Maybe we’ve been there, maybe we know someone who has been there. Learn to recognize the Black Dog so you can protect yourself and the one you love.
    I had a black dog, his name was depression
  2. Atlas Obscura is one of my favorite places on internet. Great discovery, indeed. It’s a treasury box filled with world’s wondrous and curious places. When it seems that everything on this planet is explored, you can still be surprised, believe me. Just be careful not to spend entire day on this website, I’m usually helpless.
  3. We all love Italians, right? Charming people. Here are 20 signs you’ve been living in Italy too long , just for fun.
  4. Just another cooking blog? Noooo, this one is something special. Cooking comically shares its recipes in unique style, as comics. Too awesome!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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