New Collection: Synergy

Well, this wasn’t really a planned line of products.

You know, I usually have a list of items that I plan to make and I’m usually sticking to it. Occassionally, I drift towards some new and fresh idea that I cannot resist, but it has always been just one piece, so it doesn’t disturb my plans much.

In this case, a whole new collection emerged from my mind, uncontrollably, unstoppably. So I put on hold all my lists and focused on this sudden inspiration.

Keywords are synergy, unison, togetherness, cohesion, unity.
The essence of the concept is coalescence of two or more materials to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The collection is based on mixing silver tone, raw copper and raw brass wires, but I plan to add some colored wires to these main tones.

I here present you the first pieces of Synergy!


This is a necklace and a bracelet set, made of two really thin wires of raw brass and copper using an ancient technique of Viking knitting. The wires are so thin that you can see two different colors only when you approach really close. From a normal distance it gives an impression of a remarkable rose gold filigree work. So intriguing that it lures you to take a closer look. Very feminine, very delicate.

mixed06 mixed03This set is already available in my Etsy shop. You may purchase it separately (click here for braceletclick here for necklace), or together as a set for a special price.

mixed05 mixed02This is just a beginning, more Synergy coming soon!

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  1. Love it! Very simple and elegant.



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