Let there be light!

Steam Light Desk Lamp

Steam Light Desk Lamp

When I started a shop on Etsy year and a half ago, I thought of that place as just a good selling venue. It turned out that I stumbled into an amazing world of unbelievably creative people.

Chainmaille is my passion and my beloved hobby that grown into my side job. You know that quote that is so often shared all around the internet, ‘Do what you love, make it your job, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ – well, you WILL work and work hard and work every day, but it is true, there is nothing compared to being in love with your job. Thinking about that, I’m a lucky girl, as I am also deeply in love with my main job, which is lighting. I’m in lighting industry for 15 years now.

So, one of my first explorations of Etsy world was about lighting fixtures, naturally. I was completely overwhelmed with what I’ve discovered there.  So many breathtaking creations, true works of art, in every style you can think of. One of the first shops I discovered at the time was Lightexture and it remained one of my favorites till the present day.

Pendant lamp - Claylight

Pendant lamp – Claylight


Iris table lamp





Now, I’ve spent my professional life in outdoor lighting, dealing with public spaces and cities’ lighting plans, but there are some general guidelines that apply in every area of our industry. First, lighting has to be functional, fixture should deliver right amount of light to the desired area. That is, let’s say, technical part of the job. Then, lighting has to do its magic: to embelish, to create ambience, to inspire and to impress.  That goes under light sculpting. The luminaire itself must do the same during daytime also – that’s where great designs jump in.

For this long time I’ve been following them, I keep describing Lightexture’s fixtures with one word – stunning. I see great expertise and I see great artistry.

There are 3 people behind Lightexture, an architect, a lighting designer and a ceramic artist, which is recognizable by the choice of the materials. I am personally more inclined to metal and steampunk tendencies, but if I should choose, for example, a statement pendant lamp for my dining room… boy, that would be a difficult task!
(I would probably go for the Iris brass chandelier)

I applaude to these guys and wish them all the best in their future work.


Iris Pendant Light

Iris Pendant Light

Claylight Tree Floor Lamp

Claylight Tree Floor Lamp

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  1. Beautiful post! Thank you!



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