So, welcome!


So, welcome


Nice to have you here, hope you will stop by again.

My name is Marijana, aka Ursula, by the Etsy shop I run for about year and a half now. I’m a chainmailler, I have this amazing hobby that excites me deeply. Chainmaille is an ancient technique of armor building which is now mostly used in making jewelry and other decoration.

But this blog is not going to be a commercial one… well, at least, not entirely. Of course I want to talk about the job I love and to show you the creations I am proud of, but what I wish here is to have a place to share other interests and talk about various topics.

So, for info about my creations, you may want to check out the SHOP section, where you can see some featured products and customers’ testimonials. On your right, you may find a widget that will take you directly to my Etsy shop. Also, you will find on the sidebar all those social buttons to follow me on various platforms.

The other topics will be grouped in categories Fashion, Discoveries, Life. I hope you will find a lot of things useful and interesting to read.

There will probably be some tweaking and adjusting in blog layout in the beginning, please, bear with me :)

I hope we’ll have great time together!






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