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Outfit Wednesday: Summer tones

Summer tones


This is an idea for an everyday summer outfit, when you are meeting a friend for a drink, lunch or shopping on a hot summer day. Safari tones fit everyone, regardless hair or skin color, so you cannot go wrong with that. Spice it up with some copper or bronze sparkles on your lips, nails or around your neck. Keep your heels low and shoes comfortable, keep your sunglasses close, because it’s summertime and living should be easy…

New Collection: Synergy

Well, this wasn’t really a planned line of products.

You know, I usually have a list of items that I plan to make and I’m usually sticking to it. Occassionally, I drift towards some new and fresh idea that I cannot resist, but it has always been just one piece, so it doesn’t disturb my plans much.

In this case, a whole new collection emerged from my mind, uncontrollably, unstoppably. So I put on hold all my lists and focused on this sudden inspiration.

Keywords are synergy, unison, togetherness, cohesion, unity.
The essence of the concept is coalescence of two or more materials to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The collection is based on mixing silver tone, raw copper and raw brass wires, but I plan to add some colored wires to these main tones.

I here present you the first pieces of Synergy!


This is a necklace and a bracelet set, made of two really thin wires of raw brass and copper using an ancient technique of Viking knitting. The wires are so thin that you can see two different colors only when you approach really close. From a normal distance it gives an impression of a remarkable rose gold filigree work. So intriguing that it lures you to take a closer look. Very feminine, very delicate.

mixed06 mixed03This set is already available in my Etsy shop. You may purchase it separately (click here for braceletclick here for necklace), or together as a set for a special price.

mixed05 mixed02This is just a beginning, more Synergy coming soon!

Sunday Clickin’

Sunday Clickin'

Another lazy Sunday to click some links:

  1. Starting with serious stuff… I ran into this insightful video about depression. Maybe we’ve been there, maybe we know someone who has been there. Learn to recognize the Black Dog so you can protect yourself and the one you love.
    I had a black dog, his name was depression
  2. Atlas Obscura is one of my favorite places on internet. Great discovery, indeed. It’s a treasury box filled with world’s wondrous and curious places. When it seems that everything on this planet is explored, you can still be surprised, believe me. Just be careful not to spend entire day on this website, I’m usually helpless.
  3. We all love Italians, right? Charming people. Here are 20 signs you’ve been living in Italy too long , just for fun.
  4. Just another cooking blog? Noooo, this one is something special. Cooking comically shares its recipes in unique style, as comics. Too awesome!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Let there be light!

Steam Light Desk Lamp

Steam Light Desk Lamp

When I started a shop on Etsy year and a half ago, I thought of that place as just a good selling venue. It turned out that I stumbled into an amazing world of unbelievably creative people.

Chainmaille is my passion and my beloved hobby that grown into my side job. You know that quote that is so often shared all around the internet, ‘Do what you love, make it your job, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ – well, you WILL work and work hard and work every day, but it is true, there is nothing compared to being in love with your job. Thinking about that, I’m a lucky girl, as I am also deeply in love with my main job, which is lighting. I’m in lighting industry for 15 years now.

So, one of my first explorations of Etsy world was about lighting fixtures, naturally. I was completely overwhelmed with what I’ve discovered there.  So many breathtaking creations, true works of art, in every style you can think of. One of the first shops I discovered at the time was Lightexture and it remained one of my favorites till the present day.

Pendant lamp - Claylight

Pendant lamp – Claylight


Iris table lamp





Now, I’ve spent my professional life in outdoor lighting, dealing with public spaces and cities’ lighting plans, but there are some general guidelines that apply in every area of our industry. First, lighting has to be functional, fixture should deliver right amount of light to the desired area. That is, let’s say, technical part of the job. Then, lighting has to do its magic: to embelish, to create ambience, to inspire and to impress.  That goes under light sculpting. The luminaire itself must do the same during daytime also – that’s where great designs jump in.

For this long time I’ve been following them, I keep describing Lightexture’s fixtures with one word – stunning. I see great expertise and I see great artistry.

There are 3 people behind Lightexture, an architect, a lighting designer and a ceramic artist, which is recognizable by the choice of the materials. I am personally more inclined to metal and steampunk tendencies, but if I should choose, for example, a statement pendant lamp for my dining room… boy, that would be a difficult task!
(I would probably go for the Iris brass chandelier)

I applaude to these guys and wish them all the best in their future work.


Iris Pendant Light

Iris Pendant Light

Claylight Tree Floor Lamp

Claylight Tree Floor Lamp

Outfit Wednesday: Beach, here I come!

It’s summertime and living is easy…

Here is an idea of a beach style with vivid colors for striking appearance. Even if it’s not your usual color pallette, try it out, be bold, be brave, there is nothing you can do wrong when the sun is high and the waves are playing their beautiful song…

Beach, here I come!

Sarong cover up
$17 – amazon.co.uk

Patagonia swim suit

Patagonia tankini top

Buji Baja black tote

Beach hat

Quay cateye sunglasses
$80 – beginningboutique.com.au

Sequin hair accessory

Hair accessory

Wrapped in chainmaille

There are so many weaves in chainmaille that make beautiful jewelry pieces. Precisely, many weaves are actually invented to be decorative, so it’s kinda easy to make gorgeus jewelry of them.

I suppose that is why I am the most inspired by classic functional chainmaille mesh, like this one. This is the most common chainmaille weave, known as Euro 4-1. This is what you will see in museums, pictures in history books or in history movies. A classic armor weave for hauberks, coifs or gauntlets. Making a jewelry piece out of it really excites me.

Necklace Euro 4-1


You wouldn’t believe it, but chainmaille mesh is like silk. It’s gentle on your skin, it flows around your neck and whrists, it moves with you like the finest fabric. Pay attention to drapes and wrinkles of this necklace. So beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ll leave you to the pictures.

Necklace Euro 4-1

Necklace Euro 4-1

Necklace 4-1


Sunday Clickin’


Sunday feels like a good day to check out few links while holding onto your morning coffee.

What caught my attention last week:

  1. 50 front covers of Brazilian and 12 German newspapers following their unbelievable match of the World Cup. Notice the difference between passionate Latinos and restrained Germans.
  2. On Thursday, July 10th, we were celebrating 158th birthday of my countryman Nikola Tesla, a genius scientist and inventor who shaped the world we live in today. Check out this Epic Rap Battle in History to honour him:
  3. Denim shorts is a must-have this summer, but don’t make it an uniform only because it’s a trend. Here are 4 ways to embelish your shorts and make it unique.
    (M&J Blog)
  4. Guys, please, you simple HAVE to know how to tie a tie!
    (The Art of Manliness)
  5. I just love flats, you? Here is a selection of 25 summer flats recommended by Elle.


Enjoy your Sunday!

So, welcome!


So, welcome


Nice to have you here, hope you will stop by again.

My name is Marijana, aka Ursula, by the Etsy shop I run for about year and a half now. I’m a chainmailler, I have this amazing hobby that excites me deeply. Chainmaille is an ancient technique of armor building which is now mostly used in making jewelry and other decoration.

But this blog is not going to be a commercial one… well, at least, not entirely. Of course I want to talk about the job I love and to show you the creations I am proud of, but what I wish here is to have a place to share other interests and talk about various topics.

So, for info about my creations, you may want to check out the SHOP section, where you can see some featured products and customers’ testimonials. On your right, you may find a widget that will take you directly to my Etsy shop. Also, you will find on the sidebar all those social buttons to follow me on various platforms.

The other topics will be grouped in categories Fashion, Discoveries, Life. I hope you will find a lot of things useful and interesting to read.

There will probably be some tweaking and adjusting in blog layout in the beginning, please, bear with me :)

I hope we’ll have great time together!






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